About D.T. McCall & Sons

Following in the footsteps of his entrepreneurial grandparents, Albert and Icie McCall, and his father, D.T. McCall, today Albert McCall carries on a family legacy that began back in 1896.

As a youth, Albert spent many summers helping out in his grandparents general store in Flat Rock, Tenn. His duties included selling groceries, horse collars and wood stoves. As a young man, he went to college at Tennessee Tech and then served overseas in the National Guard. Later on he decided that his future belonged with his father’s appliance/plumbing business.

When he joined the family business, Albert realized that all of those summers in the general store were a great foundation for his ultimate career choice. "I met a lot of people and learned good, basic work ethics and important values," he says. Young Albert was also making notes on how his family members gained customer trust and anticipated consumer needs.

Today, Albert and the McCall family carry on the tradition of offering great customer service and quality products at fair prices. "I'll sell you a product and tell you what the price is, period," he says. "We offer good products at good prices."

Locations We Serve:

  • St. Lebanon
  • Lafayette
  • Cookeville
  • Carthage TN

Locations and Directions:

Stores in:
Cookeville, Lafayette,
Carthage and Lebanon, TN


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